Free Weight Center




You talked, we listened!  During our 2016 Summer Renovations, the Free Weight Center received a HUGE remodel, complete with LOADS of new equipment!  Photos just don't do justice, you'll have to stop in and take a look for yourself!


(2) Edge Half-Racks w/ 71” annex

  • 4×3 steel uprights
  • Fiber-Laser cut numbering system for exact attachment positioning
  • 16 different racking positions
  • Multi-Grip Chin-up Bar
  • Dual vertical bar storage
  • 4 or 5 weight peg configurations for Olympic or Bumper plate storage
  • UHMW plastic on J-Hooks and Safeties to prevent Upright, Bar and J-Hook Damage
  • Fiber-Laser cut upright slots for fast and solid J-Hook and Safety Arm adjustments
  • Footplate anchor options for maximum rack stability
  • Medicine Ball storage
  • Dumbbell storage
  • Kettle Bell storage
  • Bumper Plate storage
  • 6′ Single Bar for pull-ups or suspension training
  • Made In USA


(3) Paramount 3-way Bench w/ plate holders

  • Easily adjusts into 3 positions: Supine, 30 degree incline, 10 degree decline
  • 3-position seat and dual position foot rest to accommodate wide range of users for each exercise
  • Replaceable 3-position chromed bar


Body Craft Jones Machine

  • Moves both vertically and horizontally
  • Hooks and safety spotters travel with you
  • Natural lift off and re-rack
  • Can be locked for traditional Smith Machine exercises
  • Includes Chin-Up Bar
  • Choose the Olympic Bar you want


Inflight Lat/Arm with heavy stack

  • Six exercises in one machine for a complete back and arm workout – lat pull down, mid-row, low row, bicep curl, tricep push down, and hyper back extension
  • Height adjustable thigh pad/preacher curl pad with tightening pop pin for more stability
  • 2” x 4” flat oval tubing, ¼” dia. 4000 pound cable and 4 ½” pulleys for rugged durability
  • Upgraded stack in 50 lb. increments to 300 lbs


Inflight seated Leg Extension/Leg Curl with heavy stack

  • Unique cable system provides immediate resistance
  • Seat pads are ergonomically angled to position you for a complete muscle exercise as well as comfort
  • Large 2” x 4” flat oval tube frame is rugged and stylish
  • Upgraded stack in 50lb. increments to 300lbs


FT1000 Inflight Functional Trainer

  • Two 150 lb. weight stacks, ten 10 lb. plates, and ten 5lb. plates per stack
  • 2:1 Cable pull
  • Integral step to help reach the chin-up bar
  • 24 Exercise heights to accommodate a wide range of users and exercises
  • 88” Overall height
  • Two nylon strap handles standard


Troy VTX & Ader Kettlebell set up to 70 lbs.


Dumbell Set up up to 100 lbs.



The Surge Performance Training 360

Using unique, patent pending design, the Surge delivers health and fitness results quickly and safely, for all levels and types of users by enabling an unlimited range of resisted movements to develop explosive power, lean muscle endurance, and core stability, simultaneously. The resistance dynamic accelerates the body’s metabolic activity and caloric burn, making the workout intense, and your results dramatic!

Surge customers today include elite and professional athletes like the Cleveland Cavs, Detroit Lions, Washington Redskins, Pittsburg Steelers, and Denver Broncos, to MMA fighters, trainers, and coaches across the country and in over 10 countries worldwide.

For Workouts, visit Surge Performance's Exercise Library HERE!


Cybex Leg Press


Cybex Calf Raise