Making a Difference

Our ongoing effort to GO GREEN!

At the Y, we want to make a difference.  To us, green represents health, economic and enviromental sustainability.  We've begun taking the steps in our facility by recognizing the products we choose can make a difference.  Some strides of improvement you may not be aware of include; changes in our chemical/cleaning supply usage, hand washing and personal cleansing, electric, office paper usage, and recycling.  Below you will see some of the accomplishments we have made so far, and more on how you can help!

The Sandusky County Y has recieved a Certificate of Recognition for our commitment to energy efficiency and the environment.  By installing energy efficient lighting we will be saving 22.54 TONS of CO2 annually, equivalent to the CO2 generation of 22.54 homes!  View our certificate HERE!

By emailing things such as receipts, program flyers, newsletters and other notifications, we can significantly reduce the amount of paper we use.  You can help!  Email Christy at and update your contact information*.  *The Y will NEVER share any of your information- our office use only.

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