Weather Notice

Weather Notices
Wonder if your lesson, class, or game is cancelled due to rain/snow/ice? As a new addition to our website, you can now look here for weather related cancellations.

Cancellations will be communicated on this page as well as our Facebook page.  Please check back often for updates.



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If the weather is doubtful, call the Y one hour before your scheduled class or program at 419-332-9622.

Sandusky County YMCA Snow Emergency Policy

Revised 12/12/2013

Level III The YMCA will close. If the snow emergency is downgraded, the
facility may re-open; check back here, on Facebook or call the Y at 419-332-9622
for updates.

YMCA Child Care closes at Level III and remains closed for the day,
whether or not the snow emergency is downgraded to Level II.

Level II The YMCA remains open, but all scheduled classes/practices/games
are cancelled.

YMCA Child Care remains open during a Level II snow emergency.
Parents, if you will not be bringing your child in as scheduled, please call
419-332-9622 x204 to notify the YMCA Child Care staff.

Level I The YMCA is open. Activity notes are as follows:

· SilverSneakers® Classes, all Swim Lessons, and all Fitness Classes: Call the Y at 419-332-9622 one hour before class to verify class is still meeting.  You can also check this webpage or our Facebook page for any updates.

· Youth Sports: Coaches can cancel practices at their discretion. If they do so, they will call their team members. Call your coach directly to verify. The YMCA is not always aware of coach’s cancellations, but can give you your coach’s number. Youth Sports games are cancelled by the YMCA. The YMCA will know by one hour before scheduled games whether there are any cancellations, you may call the Y at 419-332-9622.  Cancellations will also be posted on both the Y website ( or on our Facebook page.

To find out what level snow emergency Sandusky County is under, call the Sheriff’s office at (419) 332-2613. They keep an updated recorded message on their answering machine.

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